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Site Updates - Updated 4/28/21
Last Updated 5 months ago

As of April 28, 2021, the following features and bug fixes have been released:

  1. You are now able to add details in for release dates on movies. The details can be filled with a specific film festival where the movie was released, or a specific format of release.


As of April 14, 2021, the following features and bug fixes have been released:

  1. As mentioned on social media, we've merged panels into backgrounds.
  2. Users now have the option to add character image or not when attaching a new character to a movie/series.
  3. We fixed a bug where Season 1 isn’t automatically created when enabling Absolute Order and cannot be added manually. Scott has gone through and added Season 1 for Absolute Order where missing. We’ve also prevented users from deleting Season 1 of an Absolute Order.
  4. Fixed a bug where regular users could not save edits on a person bio.
  5. We fixed a small issue where the Toolbox header on a person page is “Toolbox 1” for people with a photo, and “Toolbox” for people without.

As of March 31, 2021, the following features and bug fixes have been released:

  1. Users can now add artwork to characters who do not already have artwork uploaded. You are still not able to upload character artwork upon initially adding them to a movie or series, but this is ticketed.
  2. We've added companies to our Discover menu, and company pages now show all content associated with that company. Example:
  3. We’ve increased the character limit on URLs for external links, allowing users to add longer URLs into applicable fields.

As of March 3, 2021, the following change will be reflected on TheTVDB: 

We have decided to allow the Snyder cut of the Justice League, along with the following rules about alternate movie cuts:

  • For any director’s cuts, re-cuts, or other alternate cuts of a film, a new, separate record may be created only if the plot of the re-cut is significantly different than the original. Put simply, if the re-cut would warrant a new overview, then it can be added as a new movie record.
  • If the re-cut simply has an alternate ending or a few deleted scenes, it is not to be added.
  • Before adding a re-cut to the site, please [submit a ticket] explaining why you think the re-cut should be allowed, and our moderator team will approve or deny your request.

As of 2/18, the following features and bug fixes have been released:


  1. We now auto-generate a series status based on a new algorithm using episode airdates.
  2. We've exposed artwork file size limits on the artwork upload pages, and updated them to our Knowledgebase as well.
  3. You are now able to see which translations are complete, which are missing just their overview, and which are missing a title. 
  4. Parent + child companies are both now exposed on company pages. Ex: ViacomCBS

Bug Fixes: 

  1. Users who were having trouble changing their email addresses should be able to change theirs now.
  2. Actor images are back down to size on the edit character page.

As of 2/5, the following features and bug fixes have been released: 


  1. You can now bulk add episodes to a season of a series! This one was a long time in the making, and was a popular idea on TheTVDB's feature request board.
    1. When adding episodes in bulk, you'll be able to add the episode title, overview, air date, and runtime for each specific episode.
    2. You'll also be able to add details that apply to all episodes, like companies (network) and content ratings.
  2. We've also implemented trailers at the series and season level. Another highly requested feature, this now allows trailers to be added to a series as a whole, and to a specific season. You can view our trailer guidelines here.
  3. We now enforce unique IMDb IDs on movies, series, and people. This will help users avoid adding duplicate records, adding to the overall data quality on the site.
  4. We now expose Setting, Sub-Genre and Time Period tags on the main series page.
  5. Mods can now move translations from one language to another.
  6. Lastly, we're going to start auto-setting a series status based on air dates. We'll be monitoring the rules we set on the back end to make sure that the statuses are being populated correctly — if you see something that looks off, please let us know!

Bug Fixes: 

  1. Some users were not able to view their API keys on their dashboard. This has been resolved.
  2. We fixed a bug that was not allowing us to remove an English title translation from a series.
  3. All users should now be able to access their favorite movies.

As of 11/4, the following features and bug fixes have been released: 

  1. You can now select language on season art.
  2. We now have Executive Producer as a person type, which you can select when adding a person to a movie or episode.
  3. We now have US Box Office on movies.
  4. We now have a role field for guest stars/actors at the episode level!!
  5. You can now press enter again to save an episode, and pressing enter will no longer remove a company (on episode edit), add a release date (on movie edit), or add an alias (on translation edit).
  6. Special episodes without airs before/after info now appear on all seasons view
  7. Users can once again add new images to existing characters.

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