TheTVDB Bible / 09. Anime

That's right, there's a specific section in the rules for anime. The reason is that we run into so many different issues with this specific genre.

First off, there are tons of inappropriate images uploaded to anime series all the time, mainly nudity. Please refer to the Artwork section for complete image guidelines. Nudity of any sort is not allowed!

Second, make sure the series you are about to enter is not already in the database. Head over to and look at the alternative titles for your series.

Third, do not create separate series for seasons. Anime series' like to give subtitles to each story arc in a lot of cases, but they are simply seasons when it boils down to it. In the new site, you have the option to name seasons. A great example of this is Sailor Moon with Seasons 1 through 5 named "Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon: R", "Sailor Moon: S", "Sailor Moon: Super S", and "Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars" respectively. When in doubt, ask on the forums.

Lastly, we do not list anime movies in the TV section, even if there are sequels. An example of this would be Urotsukidoji. There are currently a total of four (4) movies in the series. Even though they are a series, they are still MOVIES and need to be entered into the movies section of the site.

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