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Opening a New Ticket
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When submitting a ticket, you'll want to be sure you are clear and concise on what you're looking to achieve. This will ensure that your request has the greatest chance of being fulfilled, and that it will be answered in a timely manner.

To submit a ticket, you'll need to have an osTicket account. Please see our guidance on [creating an account] for more information.

From the support home page, select Open a New Ticket from the top menu.

Help Topics

Each ticket should be submitted under the appropriate Help Topic. Our current list of Help Topics, and a description of each, is below.

  • Artwork — Report broken images, request image replacements, and submit general artwork-related queries.
  • Business Inquiries — Tickets related to licensing TheTVDB's metadata, or any other request directed towards our sales team.
  • Developers — Tickets related to accessing TheTVDB API, our upcoming v4 functionality, API issues, API Key requests, etc.
  • Movies — Anything movie-related, excluding artwork. Since anyone can edit unlocked movies, this will mainly be used for proposed changes to locked movies, and can also be used to double-check if the changes you'd like to make to an unlocked movie are valid.
  • People/Characters — Anything related to People records or Characters, including reporting duplicate people records.
  • Policies — Questions about TheTVDB policies in general.
  • Report an Issue or Bug — Report errors, bugs, functionality issues, etc. you're seeing on API-related issues should go in the Developers Help Topic.
  • Suggestions — Suggest an entry to be added to our lists of tags / tag options (taxonomy), companies (networks, production companies, studios, etc.), or international ratings.
  • Translations — Submit translations to be added to locked series, movies, episodes, seasons, etc. Remember, if a record is unlocked, you are able to add a translation to that record from your own user account.
  • TV Series — Anything series-related, excluding artwork. Since anyone can edit unlocked series, this will mainly be used for proposed changes to locked series, and can also be used to double-check if the changes you'd like to make to an unlocked series are valid.

Ticket Content

As mentioned above, please be as thorough as possible when submitting a ticket.

Each ticket MUST include the following:

  • The URL of the title/content/record in question on
  • TheTVDB ID of the content in question (where applicable)
  • Valid Sources of Truth to support your claim

For example, here is an example of what a ticket should look like — in this case, the user is requesting an edit to a locked series.

Help Topic:

TV Series

Issue Summary:

S05 Our School - Move to Specials


Hi there,

Please move the episodes in S05 of Our School to be Specials. These were indexed on iPlayer as S05 episodes when released but now there are new weekly episodes that are indexed as S05 also. The episode names have been updated to reflect they are 'Summer Camp' specials.

Season 5 -
iPlayer Source -


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