TheTVDB Bible / 03. Movies

A movie is a program that exists as a single entry and does not have multiple episodes or seasons.

A movie usually will fall into at least one of the below criteria:

  • Received a theatrical release or a release on a major streaming platform
  • Has a rating from the certification board in the country of the original release. E.g. In the U.S.A., has an MPAA rating
  • Made for TV movies are also allowed
  • Examples of "movies" include the following:
    • HBO Films (Fahrenheit 451, Behind the Candelabra, The Normal Heart, etc.)
    • A feature-length film that continues the story arc of a TV Series (Breaking Bad: El Camino, The Downton Abbey Movie)
    • Lifetime movies of the week (Flint, Death of a Vegas Showgirl, 15 and Pregnant, etc.)
    • Hallmark Movies (Home by Spring, The Beach House)
    • Netflix SVOD releases (Triple Frontier, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Roma, Wine Country)
    • Single stand-alone documentaries (Minding the Gap, Fyre Festival)
    • Holiday movies that aren't attached to a show (Freeform's “25 Days of Christmas“ movies)
    • Single stand-alone comedy stand-ups (Nanette, Ali Wong: Baby Cobra, Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady). However, Comedy Central Roasts are considered a TV series as it has multiple episodes.
    • Additionally, we will allow for stand-alone taped concerts, if they were released theatrically or on DVD.

For now, award shows like the Academy Awards we will continue to treat as series until we can find a better home for them.

"Bumpers" or short theatrical movie commercials that play in front of feature films (e.g. "PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH | How to Order Concessions "Just Right") are not allowed for.

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