TheTVDB Bible / 10. Sports

As a general rule, sports are not allowed on TheTVDB. However, as of early 2020, we are starting to allow for more structured sports to be added to the site, as long as they are able to fit well within our series/season/episode format.

The sports we currently allow are:

  • Professional Wrestling (WWE, AEW)
  • Professional MMA (UFC)
  • Auto Racing (Formula 1, 2, 3 & E, Porsche Supercup, W Series, Extreme E and Moto GP, IndyCar)
  • Darts (PDC)
  • The Olympics
  • Some esports

Guidelines for all accepted sports can be found below. All sports must be tagged with the Live Sports tag in the TV Type or Format section.

Moving forward, we will review/discuss hosting other sports on a case-by-case basis and as we identify those users who are interested in being regular contributors to these events. To make a case for a particular sport to be considered, please make a ticket, but first consider the following:

  1. Does the sport have a clear season structure?
  2. Is there a reliable online resource with which end users could potentially match listed information?
  3. Are you willing to help clean up and/or maintain the record?

Frequently Asked Questions

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