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API — Known Issues & Bug Log
Last Updated 5 months ago

A list of known issues on TheTVDB's v4 API.


  • search by IMDb ID
  • /episodes/{id}/extended — Should include person base record for characters; Network is incorrect at the episode level.
  • /seasons/{id} — Name field is returning the name of the season type, instead of the name of the season itself; network isn’t be generated correctly
  • /seasons/{id}/translations/{language} — isPrimary is not set correctly.
  • Updates endpoint missing IN REVIEW
  • /company-types — Missing endpoint. Should return a list of company types. IN REVIEW
  • /lists/{id} — 404 on individual ID; should include an array of images from the first 3 entities in the list. Should also return all translations. IN REVIEW
  • /content-ratings — Needs the country included in each. IN REVIEW
  • /episodes/{id} — Needs episode number within each season. IN REVIEW
  • /characters/{id} — Should nest the person’s base record (since it might contain a headshot image that can be used if the role image isn’t set). IN REVIEW
  • /movies/{id}/extended — Trailers is empty even when not; franchises is empty even when not; issues w/ remote ids; character should include the person base record for each. IN REVIEW
  • /movies/{id} — Status field isn’t complete - 0 and empty string. IN REVIEW
  • /movies/{id}/translations/{language} — isPrimary isn’t properly set. IN REVIEW
  • SeasonExtendedRecord.artwork — Field name is inconsistent with series.artworks. IN REVIEW
  • /genders — 200 status are repeated as well as 200200. QA
  • /entity-types — Missing endpoint. Needed for browsing of the taxonomy. QA
  • /award-categories/{id}/award-categories/{id}/extended — Same issue as above. Gives the correct award category, but wrong award. QA
  • /companies/{id} — Returns 404. QA
  • /episodes/{id}/translations/{language} — Discrepancy for primary language at episode level. QA
  • Season episode routes — create, with links object for pagination. QA
  • /artwork/{id} — Querying vs. extended series endpoint returns different results. QA
  • RemoteIDs — key is inconsistent in some places. Ready to Deploy
  • /seasons/{id}/extended endpoint is returning a 404. Fix Released
  • /seasons/{id}/extended— Each episode within episodes should have an episodeNumber; Name field is wrong here, too; network isn’t be generated correctly here. Fix Released


  • ​/artwork​/{id}​/translations​/{language} — Should be removed.
  • /awards/{id}/extended — Within each award category is another nested “award” that is 0 and the name is an empty string. To be fixed.
  • /lists — Should be sorted by number of favorites, descending.
  • tagOptions — tagOptions is set for the people extended endpoint, when it should be on every extended entity endpoint.
  • /source-types — Needs reworking.
  • Excessive API calls required — Doctor Who, aired order, English requires 476 API calls at minimum and 636 for the optional stuff. Currently this would take around 10 API calls. Translations need reworking
  • Missing revision/lastUpdated — None of the api endpoints actually have a 'revision' nor do they expose the 'lastUpdated' information previously available.


  • /countries/{id}/series — Missing endpoint.
  • /countries/{id}/movies — Missing endpoint.
  • /countries/{id}/networks — Should be implemented as “companies,” to return a list of companies for that country.
  • /companies/{id}/movies — Should return all of the movie base records plus the company type that this company is used for
  • /companies/{id}/episodes — Same as the movies one above, but for episodes.
  • /companies/{id}/series — Companies aren’t really associated with series, they’re associated with episodes. But should implement in case we ever do want to associate a company at the series level.
  • /companies/{id}/seriesRollup — Same as above. Would give any series that the episode is related to.
  • /countries — To be removed.
  • /genres/{id} — /genres/{id}/series should return a paginated list of series with this genre. Same for /genres/{id}/movies.
  • /languages — To be removed.
  • /movies — Returns 404.
  • /people/{id}/extended — Within characters there’s a url field that’s empty for all.
  • Response code for deleted series — Should exist for all records. If a record doesn’t exist, should maybe return a 410 instead of a 404.

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