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Last Updated 10 months ago

TheTVDB Site Bugs (Prioritized)

  • 404 on episode translation edit: many users are reporting a 404 when trying to save episode translations — Released
  • All Seasons view gives Whoops error/404 Released
  • Can't add image on characters Released
  • Return network to main series page: Network was removed from the main page in the companies overhaul. Released
  • Investigate Algolia Search Exact Match Issue on API and FE: Exact match on the API returns confusing results and is not returning exact match. Forums. — Unscheduled
  • Portuguese BR translation not Appearing in Episode Preview: On the show God of High School, the PR-BR translation does not display (only English) in the preview panel despite the language being present on episode translations page. Also, On Friends from College S1, E2 the episode title in Portuguese BR appears on the episode page, but not the synopsis, despite the full translation being present on the translation page — Unscheduled
  • Users sometimes logged off after searching Unscheduled
  • Special episode moved to regular season retains special-only field in the episode page: Episode page still shows the SPECIAL IS CRITICAL TO SHOW'S STORY field in the information table (though it's not visible in the Edit Episode page and cannot be edited). Unscheduled
  • User can't save preferred language, says email address is not valid. Forums. — Unscheduled
  • When translations are locked, can't edit/add synopsis if it's missing: If there's a Spanish language translation for a series that just has the episode title, users cannot go in to add the missing Spanish synopsis since the translation becomes un-editable. — Unscheduled
  • When editing episode title with quotes, the words between quotes don't show up in the Edit field when editing. Ex: Friends, The Big Bang TheoryUnscheduled
  • Can't click on Add To List button when first navigating to movie page: Search for movie, click on movie, scroll down to Add To List. The button is unable to be clicked unless you refresh the page. — Unscheduled
  • When available, Season Names should be shown in list on main Series page in user's preferred language: ExampleUnscheduled
  • Actor images on role page are still stretched after upload. Example, Example Edit Page. — Unscheduled
  • Editing a movie character shows an enlarged picture on profile: Actor images on role page are still stretched slightly after upload, and look blurry. — Unscheduled
  • Quick typo fix on Create Movie: In the Name field help text, it says "series" instead of movie. Example — Unscheduled
  • TV series has 0 in the Date in Search: Some series are showing a date of "0" for the year in search results. Ex: Love Island. — Unscheduled
  • All art reported as 1920x1080, even old 1280x720 art: Same thing is happening with episode art — old art that was uploaded as 400x225 is now being reported as 640x360. Forums, Example. — Unscheduled
  • Translation error on Hi Score Girl: Users can't edit translations. — Unscheduled
  • Main series page should only list runtimes from aired order: Right now, runtimes for all episodes (in all orders) are shown. — Unscheduled
  • Edit TMDb external link on series edit page: Says /movies/ right now, needs to be updated. — Unscheduled
  • Can't sort actors on some mobile devices: Reported on a Samsung Note 10+, Chrome browser, and a Huawei P20 and Huawei Mediapad M5 lite. — Unscheduled
  • Modified Date Not Updating: The modified date on a series is not updating unless overview description changed, despite adding an overview and artwork. Forums. — Unscheduled
  • On"View All Cast & Crew" page, not all writers are showing up: Looks like maybe if someone's credited w/ multiple roles (director, writer, etc), they might only be showing up for one of those roles. — Unscheduled

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