TheTVDB Bible / 5. Artwork

As a general note, any uploaded image must be free of spoilers, nudity, or vulgarity. Please ensure images are of high quality with no watermarks or unrelated logos, and that they don't appear stretched. Watermarks include things like URLs, twitter handles, artist names, etc.

Images should not be scaled to get to the correct resolution or to fit the required aspect ratio. If they are too big they should be cropped, if they are too small they either shouldn't be used or should be used to make composites. Badly resized images will be deleted.

Posters, Panels, Textual Banners, and Icons (so, artwork that includes text or writing), should always be tagged with the language they're in. You can select a language from the drop-down menu when uploading a piece of art. Artwork containing text which has the incorrect or no language chosen will be deleted.

If a series/movie uses the same title across multiple languages, of course the art might be the same for every language. But the rule of thumb for selecting a language is that you should use your best judgement for which audience the artwork was intended for.

Frequently Asked Questions

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