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Network Rebrands and Renames
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  • If a channel is renamed without a shift in programming focus then the name will be updated and the current name will be used for all series that aired on that channel.
  • If a name change occurs and the overall programming shifts to a new focus then a new network will be created.
    All programming from the old name stays the same.
    New programming gets the new network.
    If a series carries over only episodes that air under the new network name are flagged as such

The best example of this is the network currently known as Paramount

  • It initially launched as TNN (The Nashville Network) was briefly rebranded as TNN (The National Network) and while Country Music videos sort of faded out the remainder of the programming stayed the same. So the only record we retain is TNN (The National Network).
  • Next, TNN became Spike TV beyond the rebrand there was a dramatic change in programming and tone. Only WWE wrestling survived the change-over if I remember correctly. So a new network record exists.
  • Spike TV --> Spike was simply a renaming. Consequently, our record gets renamed
  • Spike --> Paramount was once again a relaunch with a shift in programming focus. So again a new network. In this instance, for example, Lip Sync Battle survived the relaunch so its records reflect seasons 1-3 on Spike and 4 &5 on Paramount

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