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Season Artwork
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Basic Characteristics

  • The characteristics (dimension, format, size) of season-level artwork should follow guidelines for the specific type of art you're uploading. You can view these here.


  • Season art should follow all general artwork guidelines: no logos, extraneous writing, nudity, etc.
  • Due to the nature of how season art is used, art should always be clearly identifiable, relevant, and specific to the particular season it's being uploaded to — whether that is:
    • Season-specific words ("Season 1," "The Complete First Season")
    • Season-specific titles/subtitles ("American Horror Story: Coven," "The Haunting of Hill House" vs. "The Haunting of Bly Manor")
    • Cast shown in artwork
  • One exception to this is artwork for season 1 of a series. To accommodate for mini-series, we have more flexible and lenient rules for season 1 art. Art can follow the rules above, but a season 1 artwork does not necessarily have to have a season-specific identifier on it. 
  • Season posters added at the series level will be deleted.

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