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Basic Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 758x140 pixels
  • Initial upload can be any type (png or jpg). It will convert to the required type for this format (.jpg).
  • The initial upload needs to be at least the dimensions listed above. This is an attempt to force higher quality.
  • Max upload size is now 10mb, but post-crop the file size will be aligned with our current images. We compress .jpgs at 90% compression, which should almost never appear lossy.
  • Available on: series, movies, + seasons


  • There are 3 types of Banners:
    • Graphical Banners — These are defined as having a graphical/logo version of the series or movie name.
    • Text Banners generally use Arial Bold font, 27pt as the text.
    • Blank Banners — The main requirement for blank banners is they should be blank on the left side of the banner as that is where the auto-generated text will be placed.
  • Make sure you are uploading the image to the correct show/movie. Some
    titles do have duplicate or similar names and mistakes do happen, so
    double-check before you upload.


Graphical Banners


 Text Banners


 Blank Banners — Again they should be blank on the left side of the banner. Similar to this:


Secondary Examples

Below are additional images in styles we regularly find on the site. None of these are acceptable as banners. They would be subject to immediate deletion when found. Descriptions of why are included.

Bad Aspect Ratio
In most cases these are the result of a larger image just being resized to match the banner dimensions. Without any care being paid to actually making the aspect ratio of the image match.


Low Resolution/Blurry
Generally an undersized image which is stretched in an attempt to fit.


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