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Adding Cast & Crew
Last Updated a year ago

Currently, you’re able to add all sorts of talent to a TV series — Actors, Guest Stars, Writers, Directors, Showrunners, Creators, etc.

Adding Characters (Series Level)

To add an Actor to a series, click on the “Add Actor” button in the right-hand menu. Search for the actor you’d like to add and select them. Enter the name of the character they portray, the gender of their character (if known), the character's main occupation (if known), and upload an image of the actor in character. If you don’t have an image of the actor in character, leave blank — it will automatically populate the person's generic headshot. 

Only actors who are in at least half of the episodes in a season should be added this way. All other characters should be added as actors at the episode level.

If you can’t find the person you're looking to add, you can add them by following the instructions to Add a Person. using the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site — just select Add Person


In some seasonal anthology series (e.g. American Horror Story), the same actor plays a different character each season. In this case, until we are able to handle actors with more granularity, you should add the same actor multiple times, one entry for each character they play. 

You MAY add the season number to the ROLE field in parentheses after the character's name in order to identify which season the character is from. You may only do this when it's the same actor playing a different role each season. If the cast changes entirely each season (e.g. Fargo, American Crime Story), you should just enter the role name with out the season identifier.

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