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4. Image Upload Limits and Bans
Last Updated 5 months ago

Image Limits

In order to encourage users to upload only the best artwork, we restrict uploads to 3 per series, season or movie of each image type. 

Upload Bans

There are two types of image bans on the site temporary and permanent.

Temporary Bans

Temporary bans are triggered based on the number of image deletion strikes that a user incurs within a specific time frame.  There are two levels of temporary bans:

  • 5 images deleted within 24 hours of being uploaded will result in a 24-hour ban
  • 15 images deleted within 7 days  (168 hours) of being uploaded will result in a 7-Day ban.
Permanent Bans

Permanent bans are triggered for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons are:

  • Explicit Materials being uploaded again after removal
  • Images containing hate speech
  • Repeated strikes for bad imagery
  • Duplicate accounts that are created solely for the purpose of bypassing image upload limits.

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