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TV Sources of Truth
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For Movie Sources of Truth, please see this page.

Preferred Sources

  • Official Websites — The official listing for a series in its country of origin. Usually manifests itself as a page on a series' original network's website. Unless the listing is a mess (i.e. Discovery, other Scripps networks — see below) or conflicts with an existing site rule (i.e. splitting of multipart episodes in animated series or discrepancies with the aired ordering), the official listing will be considered gospel.
    • Scripps Networks exception: as mentioned above, Scripps networks are notoriously bad at keeping their episodes in the order in which they are aired — mainly since they often will air episodes in a different order than they were produced. And to make things more confusing, Scripps networks often have two sites — the main network site ( and the "watch" site, where you can actually view episodes ( To alleviate issues with the numbering of such Scripps series, we are going to begin using the listing as a Source of Truth for Scripps series from the following networks:
      • Cooking Channel
      • DIY Network
      • Food Network
      • Great American Country
      • HGTV
      • Travel Channel
      • Asian Food Channel
      • Fine Living (Europe)
      • Fine Living (Italy) (defunct)
      • TVN Group
    • In the event neither site honors the aired order, that air date will still take precedent.
  • NEW 2021: EIDR records submitted by the actual production company (check registrant)
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC Genome
  • StudioSystem
  • Gracenote
  • — British Film Institute database is particularly good for British/UK shows. There is little addition of "current" shows but the archive is usually good.
  • Interbridge — This one’s good for talk shows. As a note: reruns are not original episodes, so look out for these — they should not be entered into the system as new episodes.
  • AnimeNewsNetwork — When it comes to anime info, this site is generally your best bet. The listings are almost always complete and very accurate, even for the most obscure or old titles.
  • MyAnimeList — Second only to ANN, MAL features some of the most up-to-date and accurate anime info.

Acceptable Sources

Please reference two acceptable sources of truth to back up your change request.

  • TheFutonCritic — This is fairly accurate, but please double-check their data against another source as they often will not update older data.
  • IMDb — A great database for movie info, but can be lacklustre when it comes to television series.
  • aniDB — An acceptable but often incomplete anime source. Series often lack season info and listings include non-episodes such as OP, ED, DVD extras, etc. A decent supplementary source for episode titles or release dates, but not much else.
  • Shobo Calendar — a community driven anime calendar that is also very up to date.

Last Resorts

  • Fan Sites – In rare cases, if you can show us that either no other approved source exists or that said sources are completely inaccurate or incomplete, we will consider the use of fan sites for listings. In these cases, you must link us to any incomplete/inaccurate trusted sources as well as the fan site source you intend to have us review along with any further information you have on the topic. At this point, the decision will require the complete agreement of at least two moderators or one administrator. And said decision will be final.
  • TVGuide — TVGuide sources their data from the same place as, so again, take their info with a grain of salt.
  • Wikis/Wikipedia – Generally the same requirements as with the above-mentioned fan sites, however, to stress this further — this is to be an absolutely last resort request. Do not link us to Wikipedia or any other Wiki if a trusted and seemingly valid source exists. In fact, consider Wikis to be even a rank below fan sites.

Notes on Sources of Truth

  • Online VOD storefronts such as Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Playstation Store, etc. are not a valid source for series info. This is unless, of course, they actually are the "network" of origin, which is becoming more common but does not replace the original airing network/country rules previously established.
  • If we have a listing that is based on an official site, and that site becomes defunct, we will not simply change said listing based on the insistence of members who have not seen said website. Classic series will continue to be listed as they were, when these sites were available.

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