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Requesting Changes to Locked/Certified Series
Last Updated a year ago

Often, you’ll find TV content that already exists on TheTVDB that may need to be updated, edited, or in very rare cases, removed from the site.

While you can normally edit any site content freely, there are times when content is locked — meaning no one outside of the moderation team can edit this content.

TV series, seasons, and episodes can all be locked. Locking a record can only be done by an Administrator or Moderator, and it almost always has been done for a very good reason and it is for the protection of the content. Some reasons include:

  • Users are constantly incorrectly editing the data
  • Users are fighting over edits & overwriting others
  • The data is being reviewed to make sure it is correct
  • The series has been Certified by an administrator/mod
  • The data should not be listed on TheTVDB
  • The entry is a duplicate of an already existing entry
  • Vandalism has occurred

If you don’t find anything in our archived forums regarding your specific issue, please Open a New Ticket with the Help Topic "TV Series" selected. Be sure you are clear and concise on what you're looking to achieve. Guidelines on how to submit a ticket can be found here.

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