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Editing Unlocked Movies
Last Updated 3 years ago

Often, you’ll find movies that already exist on TheTVDB that may need to be updated, edited, or in very rare cases, removed from the site.

A good portion of this content is unlocked, which means that any user can add, edit, or change any info associated with the movie.

If you feel any unlocked movie needs editing, we urge you to search our archived forums first before making the edits. There’s a very good chance someone else has thought of making the same edits before, which means there’s likely an Admin/Mod response to the edits already in the forums. Failure to do this may make an admin “lock” a movie, to prevent fighting over changes (see Requesting Changes to Locked Movies).

Under no circumstances should you remove data from movies just because you feel the movie should be deleted. Users work hard to enter information into the database, and deleting this info will negate their efforts.

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