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Trailers (Series- and Season-level)
Last Updated 9 months ago

As of January 22, 2021, we've released the ability to add TV trailers at the series and season level! 

To add a trailer, simply navigate to a series page or season page, and click "Edit." Add the trailer name, the YouTube ID (after the ?v= in the URL), and select the language of the trailer. Click save!


  • Trailers at the season level must, of course, be for that specific season. The trailer should be for the whole season, and not just a specific episode. 
  • Trailers at the series level should be general trailers for the series as a whole, and not for a specific season. Season-specific trailers should be added at the season level.
  • Trailers should be official trailers published by the original content producers —  the official network, production company, streaming platform, Youtube channel, etc. all work as sources.
    • Trailers from international broadcasters in the same language are acceptable.
  • Trailers should not include any spoilers for the series/season to which they are attributed.
  • If a trailer has subtitles, it should be tagged with the language that the subtitles are in. 
    • For example: if a French-language movie releases a trailer with audio in French, of course that trailer would be tagged with the language French. If that same movie releases a trailer with French audio + English subtitles, the trailer should be tagged with the language English.

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