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Web Series
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On TheTVDB, we will allow for internet-based web series (within reason). 

These programs should be listed under their network/content distributor (e.g. YouTube, Twitch) and marked as a Web Series under TV Type/Format. If the program’s network is not available, you must make a Ticket Request and wait for the network to be added before you enter your series. 

Examples of allowed series include Hot Ones, Yes Theory

These are allowed on the site, but make sure you follow these rules:

  • For series with an average episode length of under 10 minutes, there must be at least 10 episodes that have already aired to be added.
  • For series with an average episode length of at least 10 minutes, there must be at least 5 episodes that have already aired to be added.
  • These required first 5 or 10 episodes MUST be added immediately after the series record is created.
  • Series with an average episode length of under two minutes are not allowed. Example: failblog videos.
  • There must be an official order for the clips available, generally listed by the upload date.
  • If the publisher of the series does not designate the start and end of seasons. Then year based seasons should be used.

Additionally, web series must still follow all other TheTVDB series guidelines, with overviews, and air dates. Items you should not include in web series episode orders are fan videos, remixes, or replies/complaints about episodes, as they do not represent original pieces of content.

Special Note: If you add a series with placeholders for yet to be announced/aired episodes to achieve the minimum number. This will be considered the same as not having enough episodes and the series may be deleted.

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