Frequently Asked Question

Last Updated a year ago

Aliases are other series names, in the specified language, that a series may be known by/have gone by in the past. The main goal of an alias is to prevent duplicate entries being added due to the same series having multiple names throughout its lifecycle. 

Aliases can be thought of as what someone might search to find this series. An alias should not simply be a Series Name in a different language — this should be listed as a separate Translation in the appropriate language. 

One thing we do not allow in the Alias field are variations of the word "and." For example, Law & Order should not have "Law and Order" listed as an alias. Yes, it might assist with searches on your media center, but you should instead be querying for the official name in this case, with the ampersand. 

Alternatively, Saturday Night Live is allowed to have SNL as an alias.

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