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Series Specific Information: Contested Series Orders
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The following are decisions we've made regarding each series, including our reasoning. Many of these decisions were based on sites and data that are no longer available. This can be for many reasons including that the channel no longer exists (Spike) or a show changed channels and the originator removed the information for the seasons they aired (American Dad) 

If you find official information about the series that conflicts with what we've posted here. Create a Ticket to let us know and we'll review it, but otherwise, these decisions will not be changed.

If you disagree with these orders, and there is a widely accepted alternate order. You can: Create a Ticket, providing evidence of this order and an admin will consider the viability of creating an alternate order. It is not guaranteed that this will be done. Please note things like splitting episodes that originally aired as double-length episodes e.g. The Lost Room will not be considered.  Also, requests to follow "scene" orders will be denied.

1000 Ways To Die
According to the old official listing on spike (now a defunct channel). This series had four seasons and will remain so in our database.

American Dad
For the first 11 seasons of American Dad, only the former (now removed) original listing on Fox's website is relevant. 

At the end of season 12, TBS merged season 11 and 12 into season 10, which was the 2nd to last season aired by Fox. As such from Season 13 and beyond, only the episode order from the official listing from TBS is relevant. 

American Pickers
History Channel previously showed American Pickers in Year Season, so we're going to continue following that format. Despite their current listing displaying otherwise. 

American Restoration
History Channel shows American Restoration as having 7 seasons, we follow their episode guide, despite other websites and "scene" releases listing otherwise. We always use the official listings when possible.

Ancient Aliens
This series has had its episodes reordered and renumbered by the broadcaster. We do not update our listings to support such revisionism as it introduces instability in the data relied upon by users and applications. Seasons 9 and 10 in the Official Order are therefore skipped for this reason. Thank you for your understanding.

The official FX website lists the first episode of Season 3 as "The Man From Jupiter". "The Heart of Archness" episode arc will remain as specials.

Batman: The Animated Series

Please use DVD Order if the Aired Order does not meet your preferences. Season 3 of the latest BluRay Release is part of another series and can therefore not be added to this series, regardless of how both shows are released on BluRay and it follows our rules given that the series originated in North America. Users should use this entry - for those episodes. 

At the time of release. SyFy was listing season 3 on the episode site as a single double-length episode. Alternatively, on the schedule, it showed as two back-to-back episodes with separate titles. The second listing proved more accurate. As per our rules, when a clear distinction of episode division is available either in the credits or production codes we split the episodes.

Dirty Jobs
Dirty Jobs is currently in its 8th season per the official site and other valid sources. We do not care what season the scene thinks it is.

Contrary to the previous seasons. SyFy commissioned 21 episodes for Season 4 and split it into two parts. Eureka resumed Season 4 in July 2011. It was not season 5.

Remember that Aired Orders are precisely that, the order episodes actually aired in. For this festival, which spans 3 TV channels and iPlayer, episodes should be ordered by: [1] date/time they aired (iPlayer exclusives should be listed after the final TV broadcast episode of each day), and [2] broadcast channel (One, Two, Three, Four, iPlayer).

The Season 1 episode titled Œuf was pulled from US broadcast hours before its premiere. But aired everywhere else as scheduled as Episode 4. This series is a bit tricky since it doesn't really have an official source. Because the episode was never rescheduled for airing in the US, It is still listed as Episode 4 on our site.
*Note* As a further indication of its place any later US releases included the episode in this position.

Интерны / Interny
This show only had 4 seasons. This is confined on the official site

Some confusion may have arisen due to the Volumes/DVD releases. Please use the DVD Order to get this version.

Kitchen Nightmares (US)
Our listing corresponded with the official one on the now-defunct Fox website. As such it won't be changing.

Law & Order: UK

TheTVDb entry for this series has the proper UK airdates and order for all seasons including series 6 which aired (at least in part) earlier in other markets. Per our rules, we follow the original dates and orders from the country of origin.
Series 4 episodes were aired out of order in either the US or Canada. But again this site lists the order as aired in the UK.

The first season has 24 episodes because it originally only had 24 episodes on ABC. Some networks have edited the 2-part season-ender into a 3 part season-ender. However, as this was not the original order we do not recognize the third part here.
The DVD Order does, however, reflect this variation.

The Lost Room
It was originally aired by SyFy as a three-episode mini-series. In other markets networks may have cut the 2-hour episodes into 2 episodes each making the series 6 episodes long. Regardless of this fact. We however list them in accordance with the original airing order.

Due to past issues with Discovery Channel randomly (and frequently) changing their listings, We locked the order based on the years the episodes aired.

The original network (FX) split the final season into two seasons and aired it as such. This was confirmed in the past by Nip/Tuck's now-defunct official website. Our listing will NOT be changed despite the fact that they later released it on DVD as one.

Pawn Stars
History Channel previously listed Pawn Stars in Year Season, so we're going to continue with that format.

The official titles provided by BBC are "Episode 1", "Episode 2", etc. We use the official titles, so this will not be changed.

Star Wars Rebels
Certain episodes (1-4, for example) were originally specials. But nowadays they are considered as regular episodes.

The Office (US)
Season 4's double episodes are listed that way because NBC's official website listed the episodes as 401, 403, 405, etc indicating that they aren't single entries. This also coincides with other TV site listings.

The Pacific
The official titles provided by HBO are "Part One", "Part Two", etc and not "Guadalcanal/Leckie", "Basilone", etc. We use the official titles, so this will not be changed.

Terra Nova
Fox previously listed Genesis as episode 1 and Instinct as episode 2 on their official episode guide. As well, Occupation / Resistance was listed as episode 11. As the series is ended and Fox's website is gone we'll continue using this numbering scheme.
The DVD Order represents the split episode ordering scheme.

Tron: Uprising
When released on Disney XD: Beck's Beginning was listed as episode 0 and The Renegade (1) as episode 1 on their official video page. Unfortunately, that site and its accompanying press releases indicating its status as a prequel are now defunct.
To reflect the single-season order as presented by Disney+ please use the DVD Order.

This series was a two-country production between M6 in France and Movie Central (now Crave) in Canada. M6 was first to air, so they own the aired order for this series.
In Canada, the episodes aired in a different order. The DVD order in both seasons reflects this order.
This is the only concession we can make for series produced by 2 different countries that then show the series in different orders.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles / The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
We recognize that "The Adventures of..." is a movie recut of The Young..." This entry was allowed prior to the inclusion of movies on the site as it was considered a significant recut or the original material and is often the most readily available format. 
**Update 13-04-2022** The movies all also exist and are available in an official list The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones

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