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Multiple Episodes Airing Back-to-Back
Last Updated a year ago

Sometimes, a show will air episodes in two parts, back-to-back. Examples of this includes The Good Place, Season 3, as well as SEAL Team, Season 3.

Currently, the rule is to add these episodes as separate entries, if:

  • The episodes have different writing credits and/or production codes
  • The episodes contain references to Parts 1/2 (or something similar)
  • Any instances where there are two episode titles 

If none of these criteria are met, then a double length episode should be entered as a single entry.

In SEAL Team's case, even though CBS lists the back-to-back episodes as one long episode on their official site, the episodes each have different production codes and writing credits, so we made the decision to list these episodes separately.

We’re not going to touch legacy content right now, because it will mess up people’s libraries. Moving forward, however, this will be our policy for episodes aired back-to-back. If you think that a series should have an alternate order where the two episodes should be listed together as one, please suggest this to a moderator. Once approved, you’ll be able to add your proposed order as an alternate order in the system using the flexible season feature.

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