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Of course, one-off feature-length documentaries should be added as Movies. However, there are some documentary series (i.e. a 10-part documentary series on the rain forest or the great pyramids) that can be added as a TV series. The whole concept of "series" implies that there is more than one episode, so in these cases, it would make sense for there to be a series entry for it.

Below is a historical listing of many docu-series that users have entered over the years. Moving forward, we would ideally like these series to be entered as films; however, if you would like to continue to add to these Collections we will allow for it:

For these ongoing Collections, we would prefer if you make season numbers the year in which the documentaries were aired. (i.e. If the show aired in 2008, it would belong in Season 2008). Most of the series do this properly, however, some do not. National Geographic, for example, is a complete mess, we're aware of it, and when we have bulk tools it will be easier to clean up.

Additionally, compilations of documentaries that have been released to DVD DO NOT get their own series. Examples of this were the recently added "Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts" and "National Geographic: National Parks Collection" which have been deleted. These are not true series but rather collections of episodes that have been put together strictly for DVD sale. On most occasions, these episodes already exist as part of their original series. If they appear in a series, they should be listed under the DVD flexible season format.

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