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Multi-Segment Episode Splitting
Last Updated a year ago

This mostly applies to cartoons. When a cartoon has multiple storylines in a single episode, the standard guideline for TheTVDB is to enter each story as a separate episode. This is because it's quite common for networks to release them separately, especially when broadcast in different countries. Also, episodes have been known to be recombined in different pairings for DVD releases and in syndication. Splitting the segments allows for alternate orders to be created that may combine multiple episodes into one episode so that you can choose to store your files either by storyline or as complete episodes.

An example is the seriesĀ Timon & Pumbaa. Two different seasons aired simultaneously on two different channels. One set in syndication another on CBS. We do not combine the seasons from the two channels into one.

DVD Orders

When a DVD combines 2 episodes from the original aired order into one, you should create a new episode in the DVD Order and move the other episodes into the DVD Order's Unassigned season.

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