Frequently Asked Question

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Basic Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 1000x562 pixels
  • Initial upload can be any type (png or jpg). It will convert to the required type for this format (.png). Only .pngs can have transparency, so for ClearArt this should be the preferred upload format.
  • The initial upload needs to be at least the dimensions listed above. This is an attempt to force higher quality.
  • Max upload size is now 10MB, but post-crop the file size will be aligned with our current images.
  • Available on: series and movies


  • ClearArt should contain images of character(s) or highly recognizable major items from the series, as well as a recognizable series logo. Use transparency in areas not filled with characters, logos, etc.
  • If possible remove background elements like buildings, but please avoid cutting off/cropping relevant parts of the image. Poorly cropped images or images with jagged edges will be deleted.
  • If you need to crop a square edge on ClearArt, please do so on the bottom right. Please do not crop an image on the top or left hand sides.
  • We would prefer if ClearArt did not use glows, unless it is relevant to the artwork.

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